Double Your Space

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What if design could double your living space? What if design could double the space in a micro-apartment? Watch how design makes it so that an apartment can function as if it was twice as big simply by rearranging furniture that was either designed and custom built, or hand-picked to be light-weight, stylish, durable and dual function.

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A new year and 11 new ways to think of home

LIghtolier Catalog pic

I’m stuck in a coffee shop reading one of those “make yourself over” New Year’s resolution articles in the local rag (It turns out to be a Toronto-based newspaper chain: “New year, new you” by Cheryll Gillespie, QMI Agency. 24 Hrs Vancouver, Vol. 9, No. 185, December 26, 2013)…. Let’s apply that logic to the home.

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Updating the Cooktop


glass cooktop with touch controls

Upgrading the kitchen was never easier, especially if you already have an electric cooktop. The new touch sensitive cooktops are a continuous flat surface that is a dream to keep clean. There are no knobs to get in the way, or holes for boil overs to sneak below the cook top and wreak havoc with the wiring. It is one, continuous smooth surface. Mine came with a razor-blade holder to scrape sticky messes away. Continue reading “Updating the Cooktop”